App Store Search in iOS 14 Finally Gains Spell-Check Improvements

As developers continue to dive into iOS 14 beta, new tidbits keep surfacing, with one minor change coming to the App Store that should have been there a long time ago.

When searching for an app, if you misspell an app and hit search, the App Store will show you results on what it thinks you’re searching for, but it doesn’t provide a prompt for spelling errors.

But in iOS 14, the App Store now will include text to say, for example, “Showing results for minecraft” and “Search for minecradt instead?”, if you happened to search for “minecradt”, as shown in the screenshot shared on Reddit below:

App store typo ios 14

The addition of the added text showing what results are being shown is helpful for users, to inform them of what was actually being searched. The text used by Apple reminds us of what happens when you search on Google with a typo.

Apple says “search has improved, with spell‑check enhancements and editorial collections appearing in App Store search results.”

With iOS 14, the App Store now provides information on privacy, related to the privacy practices of apps before you download them. Also new are subscriptions now able to be shared to members of a Family Sharing group.