Apple Canada Offering 10% Bonus When Adding Funds to your Apple ID

Apple is offering a 10% bonus to Canadians adding funds to their Apple ID right now.

“Get a 10% bonus when you add funds to your Apple ID,” explains the company. The bonus appears when you go to add funds from your iPhone or iPad.

Apple says the promo is valid through to December 12, 2019 and is “available when adding $1.00 to $200 to your account.” The bonus limit is 1 says Apple and “offer eligibility may vary based on account information or purchase history”.

Apple ID 10 bonus

If you can’t figure out the bonus math, here it is:

  • $10 = $1 bonus
  • $25 = $2.50 bonus
  • $50 = $5 bonus
  • $100 = $10 bonus
  • $200 = $20 bonus

With Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music and other services from Apple taking from your Apple ID balance, you can save 10% on services. If you are funding your Disney+ subscription from your Apple ID (meaning you signed up from an Apple device), you can also save 10% off your subscription. The same applies for any digital purchase from Apple.

How to add funds to your Apple ID? Apple makes it difficult to find. You’d think they would want to make it easier for customers to give them more money!

On your iPhone or iPad, go to:

Settings > Apple ID > Payment & Shipping > Apple ID Balance > Add Funds

From here, select an amount and you’ll be charged to your credit card.

Another way to save on your Apple ID balance is to load up on 20% off iTunes cards from Costco’s periodic sales. Expect another one during Black Friday or Boxing Day.

Apple launched a similar promo last December in the U.S. and Japan, then added Canada shortly after.

Thanks Cory!