iPhone 6 A8 Processor Clocked at 2GHz [Rumour]

64 bit A7 chip

The Wall Street Journal’s sources said TSMC has started shipping the A8 chip to Apple, but remained silent of the tech specs of the processor. Fortunately, the Chinese media comes in with a cure: the most recent rumour claims the A8 chip will be dual-core and clocked at 2 GHz or more (via GforGames).

By comparison, the A7 chip is clocked at 1.3 GHz; thus, this means a noteworthy increase, but the rumour goes so far as suggesting that the CPU will be clocked at up to 2.6 GHz. As expected, Apple is said to adopt the same 64-bit architecture and will build on the 20 nm process — corroborating yesterday’s report.

The rumour mill was busy this week spilling information about the forthcoming iPhone. We’ve seen high-quality images of what is likely a valid rear shell, two flex cables showing the seemingly larger power button, and the two volume buttons, as well as the mute button.

The iPhone 6 is said the hit mass production this year and Apple allegedly has doubled the order for the first batch, compared to the iPhone 5. The handset likely will launch in September, with the rumoured launch date being September 19, according to Deutsche Telekom’s sources.