Apple Blocks Emulator Installs Using “Date Trick” in iOS 8.1


The recently discovered “date trick” that many users have long been taking advantage of and installing all sorts of game emulators on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 8 without any jailbreak, has finally been blocked by Apple in iOS 8.1 (via CultofMac).

Those who aren’t aware, the “date track” discovered by developers in iOS 8 allows unapproved apps to be installed without hacking simply by rolling back the date and time on an iOS device and downloading apps through Safari, the same trick we used in our SiOS Super Nintendo emulator installation tutorial published a couple of days back. However, the team behind GBA4iOS emulator has now confirmed that Apple has blocked the loophole in its latest iOS 8.1 beta.

Dario Sepulveda writes, “iOS 8.1 beta was seeded to developers yesterday and it’s already causing panic among iOS emulator aficionados… The Date Trick fuels the emulator communities nowadays… Without it, everything looks bleak.”

So if you’re planning to install the SNES emulator on your iOS 8 device, you better hurry up and enjoy your favourite retro titles while you still can.