Apple Card to Finally Launch in the First Half of August: Bloomberg

The Apple Card might be released as soon as the first half of August for users in the United States.

The Cupertino company hasn’t said much about the credit card it’s creating with Goldman Sachs since its March reveal, but a new Bloomberg report Friday claims that it’s weeks away, which aligns with the company’s original release target set for the summer.

Earlier this week, Apple released iOS 12.4, which includes all the new interface and functionality needed for Apple Card sign-up and management. So, it really is just a waiting game for the card itself to drop.

Bloomberg also offers up some details on the long and sometimes winding development road between Apple and Goldman Sachs in bringing Apple Card to market.

“In May, Apple expressed concern with the underlying technology Goldman Sachs had developed to power the credit card, according to people familiar with the discussions. At the time, Apple informed the bank that it was unhappy with some of the card’s mechanics and asked for changes,” reads the report. “The pressure mounted on Goldman Sachs staffers as the card neared its planned launch date.”

The collaboration between Apple and Goldman Sachs represents one of the most ambitious ever attempted between an old-world finance titan and a tech company. It also involved the mixing of two very different corporate cultures as the companies split up responsibilities for the project and worked together on the new technology, according to people familiar with the matter.

The move represents part of Apple’s push into services as it grapples with slowing revenue from iPhone sales. In addition to launching the Apple Card this summer, Apple is expected to launch its Apple TV+ video streaming service and its Apple Arcade gaming subscription later this year.

Apple Card, while expected to expand internationally at some point, won’t be available in Canada at launch and who knows if it will ever arrive here.