Apple Confirms ‘chaiOS’ Malicious Link Fix Coming in iOS Update Next Week

Yesterday it was noted a malicious link known as the ‘chaiOS’ bug, was able to crash iOS devices and Macs, affecting users via iMessage.

The text link freezes a user’s device and also can restart it, which poses a headache for users unaware of its dire effects. The bug was discovered by developer Abraham Masri, and so far since its discovery, pranksters have probably been having a heyday with it.

But that will change soon, as Apple has confirmed to both BuzzFeed and MacRumors a fix is coming to address this text link bug, in an iOS update next week.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen bugs crashing iMessage, as back in 2015 a Unicode bug caused similar issues.

So again, if you receive a weird link from friends, don’t click on it, as they could be pranking you with this bug.