Apple is the 2nd Most Influential Brand in Canada says Ipsos


The Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) and Ipsos have released the results of their Most Influential Brands Study for Canada for 2015 at day two of FFWD: Advertising & Marketing Week 2016 in Toronto. The top brand this year was Google, followed by Apple, then Microsoft in third spot.

Below is a list of the top 10 brands (with their year-over-year changes in brackets):

1. Google (-)

2. Apple (+2)

3. Microsoft (-1)

4. Facebook (-1)

5. YouTube (-)

6. Visa (+1)

7. Walmart (-1)

8. Tim Hortons (-)

9. Amazon (+2) NEW in Top 10 2015

10. Samsung (-1)

Steve Levy, COO at Ipsos announced the 2015 ranking, discussing how this year’s brands achieved their status and explaining how and why brands are influential. In a statement, Levy said:

“Brands are more than just corporate logos. They have meaning, personality, even attitude. When it comes to asking which brand is the most trustworthy, has the most presence or is most engaging, the answer can be a personal one. This is because we increasingly identify with, relate to and define ourselves by them, which gives brands something we can measure: influence.”

The list of top 10 companies continue to be a combination of digital services, social media, technology, retail, and credit card brands.

Google has maintained its number one ranking for the fourth year in a row. Apple took second place, up two spots from last year, and continues to be the most leading edge brand in terms of customer perception and innovation. The new addition to this year’s Top 10 is Amazon, up from number 11.