Apple Exec Says Face ID Coming to More Devices, Touch ID Not Going Anywhere

Apple’s Face ID has become a staple of the iPhone and iPad lines, and it’s going to continue to play a major part of Apple’s future.

In an interview with Daily Express, Apple’s Vice President of product marketing, Greg Joswiak, said the company will continue to invest in facial recognition while also continuing to offer devices with the Touch ID functionality.

“Certainly, we’ll continue to put [Face ID] on more devices but also Touch ID will continue to have a role,” Joswiak said. “It’s a great technology on our iPad lineup and we don’t see it going away anytime soon.”

“Touch ID was the first mainstream biometric security system and customers loved it,” he continued. “It changed the way that people secured their device, because at that time, even though it’s hard to imagine, many didn’t even have a passcode.”

“But we wanted to improve biometric security even further with something more secure and convenient to use and that’s why we came up with Face ID,” he said. “We first shipped Face ID two years ago on the iPhone X and we thought it was even more natural than Touch ID with it unlocking your device with just a glance.”

Another thing Apple doesn’t see going away anytime soon is the display notch, which has proven divisive since its introduction with the iPhone X. Even with companies moving to pop-up cameras and hole punch alternatives, Apple plans to stick with the notch.

“I would give people credit for trying new things, competition is what makes the world go round and makes us all better but that’s not something we see coming anytime soon,” Joswiak said.

With planning to use both biometrics, we could see the two options coexist in a way we haven’t seen before. Come 2020, rumors suggest Apple will release an iPhone with Face ID and an in-display fingerprint sensor.