Apple Music Subscribers Report Ads Being Inserted into their Streams

Apple Music subscriber and retired Canadian founder of The Loop, Jim Dalrymple (@jdalrymple), on Wednesday reported hearing a 40-second ad while listening to Classic Rock on Apple Music — a paid music service from Apple that touts ad-free streaming.

According to Dalrymple, he was listening to the Apple Music classic rock station when he heard an ad for an unrelated radio show. The station he was listening to was Apple’s own, not a public radio station. “You can’t have my money and put in ads too,” Dalrymple said in a tweet, disappointed.

Dalrymple isn’t the only (or the first) subscriber affected. Fellow Twitter user Robert Petersen (@Sonikku_a2) echoed Dalrymple’s experience, saying he too came across ads on Apple Music

Interestingly, Peterson also reported being served an ad while listening to classic rock on Apple’s music streaming service.

Six Colors‘ Jason Snell reported a run-in with the phenomenon as well. Snell also said Apple is “inserting interviews into their playlists,” which can’t be auto-skipped even if you dislike them.

None of the Cupertino, California-based tech giant’s Apple Music plans are supposed to contain ads. Not even the cheapest, $4.99 Voice and Student plans, the former of which made its debut late last year, are ad-supported.

Apple is yet to officially comment on the situation.

Last month, streaming hardware maker Roku launched support for Apple Music across all its devices, globally.