Apple Nixes OLED Display for 2022 iPad Air: Kuo

According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has dumped plans for an iPad Air refresh featuring an OLED display, and will stick with LCD technology for its 2022 update to the iPad Air — reports MacRumors.

Back in March, it was Kuo who reported that Apple was working on bringing OLED display technology to the 5th-generation iPad Air, slated to launch next year.

In an investor note from earlier today, Kuo altered his prediction. While Apple is still working on an iPad Air refresh for next year, cost considerations and subpar performance of OLED displays have resulted in the company deciding to continue using LCD technology for now.

Kuo previously also reported that the 11-inch iPad Pro would get a mini-LED display next year. In today’s investor note, the analyst reaffirmed that prediction, adding that the 11-inch mini-LED iPad Pro will be the “focus of [the] iPad line in 2022.” mini-LED display technology is currently only available on this year’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Kuo says Apple may have canceled its plans to bring OLED displays to the iPad Air next year to avoid direct competition between it and the upcoming 11-inch mini-LED iPad Pro.

While Apple will be foregoing OLED technology for the iPad Air 5 in favor of LCD and it may be a while before we see an OLED screen on a non-Pro iPad, the company is continuously working to develop newer display technologies for its iPad line.