Apple Pay Accounts for 30% of Mobile App Payments at Staples

Apple Pay is a hit, Staples vice president of mobile commerce Prat Vemana said during a panel discussion in Seattle on Tuesday, FierceMobileIT reports.

Apple pay app

Staples was among the first retailers to adopt Apple Pay. As you may already know, Apple Pay allows iPhone 6 and 6 Plus customers to pay for their purchases with their phones in-store, while in-app checkout is as easy as selecting the payment method and placing their finger on Touch ID.

We’ve seen reports about the tremendous success in stores such as Whole Foods, but this isn’t the case for Staples. The latter has seen a notable rise in purchases made within their app. Plus, many of those buyers were first-time customers.

“Right now it’s the number one payment method for us in our iOS apps,” said Prat Vemana, vice president of mobile commerce for Staples. “Apple Pay has been one of the most successful implementations when it comes to payments,” he said.

Vemana didn’t have exact stats for Apple Pay in stores, but he said 30% of purchases made in the Staples iOS apps use Apple Pay. By the way, 70% of revenue from mobile purchases comes from Apple users, he said.

As for in-store mobile payments . . . well, Apple has work to do there: Apple Pay didn’t make it into the top three payment types used. Vemana, however, points to the early success of Apple Pay and hopes that a similarly successful mobile payment method will emerge on the Android platform.