Apple and Samsung Mediation Talks Fail Ahead of Final Court Verdict

Apple samsung

Multiple Korean news sources are claiming that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung’s mobile chief and co-CEO JK Shin met last week to try and resolve their long standing intellectual property dispute, and have failed to reach a settlement yet again, The Verge reports. While the meeting has not been confirmed by either party, both Apple and Samsung had agreed to attend a mediation session by February 19 in a court filing last month.

“Sources indicate that the mediation effort was unproductive, which comes as no surprise given the history of animosity between Apple and Samsung and the fact that similar talks were fruitless back in 2012.

Shin was expected to fly out to the US next week, ahead of a February 19th deadline for conducting these talks, but Chosun reports he’s presently in Korea and has no plans to leave the country before that date — suggesting that he has already been to the US and met with the Apple CEO.”

Both were following the mitigation orders given out by the court in San Jose, California overseeing the litigation, which demanded an agreement by February 19. A Samsung spokesperson said “we can’t confirm whether the two CEO met, or if they did, what the results were.”

The court will announce its final verdict after the 19th, where Samsung may end up paying damages up to $930 million to Apple.