Apple to Launch ‘Widest Array’ of New Products Ever This Fall: Gurman

In this week’s edition of his Power On newsletterBloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said he expects Apple to launch more new hardware products this fall than the Cupertino, California-based tech giant ever has before (via

Gurman, one of the most accurate Apple insiders out there, said the new iPhone SE is a “shoo-in” for a launch in March or April, and could also be accompanied by a refreshed iPad Air.

The Bloomberg reporter wasn’t anticipating an update for the iPad Pro this soon, given the 2021 iPad Pro will barely be 1 year old this spring, but Apple may pull a fast one on him. Earlier this week, Gurman uncovered Russian regulatory filings for three new iPhone models and a whopping nine new iPads.

The three iPhone filings may simply be for different configurations of the upcoming iPhone SE, but nine is far too many to all be variants of the same iPad. The discovery indicates that Apple either has more than just the iPad Air on the table for this spring, or the company has filed for its fall launches much earlier in the year than usual.

Gurman doesn’t expect other products, like a revamped MacBook Air and the first Apple Silicon-toting Mac Pro, which will round out Apple’s two-year-long transition to its own custom processors, until much later in the year.

“To that end, I’m told that Apple is readying the widest array of new hardware products in its history this fall,” said Gurman.

According to the analyst, Apple’s fall launches will include “four new iPhones, a low-end MacBook Pro, an updated iMac, the new Mac Pro, a revamped MacBook Air, an AirPods Pro upgrade, three Apple Watches, a low-end iPad and iPad Pros.”

While Gurman previously also had Apple’s first entrant in the AR/VR headset space pegged for a launch this year, Apple’s foray into the mixed reality headset market may be pushed back to 2023.

Earlier this month, Gurman also detailed everything he expects from Apple during 2022 in an episode of The MacRumors Show podcast.