Apple Rolling Out Two-Step Verification to Further Secure

Last May, Apple launched two-step verification in Canada, part of a second wave of launch countries to gain access to the added security feature.

Now, it appears Apple is rolling out the security feature to, as spotted by an AppleInsider reader:

Icloud 2 step verification

With the new implementation, shown in the screenshot above, Apple is expanding its two-step authentication security feature beyond Apple ID management and iCloud-connected features to the Web app suite. Prior to the change, was accessible via a simple password.

Once two-step verification is enabled, all web apps except for Find my iPhone will require a verification code to be accessed.

We logged into with our Canadian Apple ID and were unable to see prompts to enable two-step verification as of writing. The delay is probably because we’re Canadian, eh?

Let us know if this is popping up for you on