Apple Rolling Out Two-Step Verification to Further Secure iCloud.com


Last May, Apple launched two-step verification in Canada, part of a second wave of launch countries to gain access to the added security feature.

Now, it appears Apple is rolling out the security feature to iCloud.com, as spotted by an AppleInsider reader:

Icloud 2 step verification

With the new implementation, shown in the screenshot above, Apple is expanding its two-step authentication security feature beyond Apple ID management and iCloud-connected features to the iCloud.com Web app suite. Prior to the change, iCloud.com was accessible via a simple password.

Once two-step verification is enabled, all iCloud.com web apps except for Find my iPhone will require a verification code to be accessed.

We logged into iCloud.com with our Canadian Apple ID and were unable to see prompts to enable two-step verification as of writing. The delay is probably because we’re Canadian, eh?

Let us know if this is popping up for you on iCloud.com.