Apple’s Camera App in iOS 11 Contains Hidden Levelling Tool

Have you ever tried taking a photo of something flat on the ground and spent time trying to level it square in the frame? Well, no need to worry, iOS 11’s camera app now has a level that kicks in when you hold your phone horizontally.

The level will show up automatically when you point your iPhone’s camera to the ground, offering up a pair of crosshairs. One of the crosshairs is fixed and one is floating. The two crosshairs get closer together the closer you get the phones to come level. Once you have them aligned, you are good to go and in theory you should have a perfectly square image.

The feature was discovered by Cabel Sasser, co-founder of Panic Inc. Sasser tweeted about the experience, and received a reply from the Apple intern, Caroline Hermans, that created the feature.


In order to use the new level, you will have to enable the camera grid in the Settings app on your iPhone (under the camera tab). As you would expect, the levelling tool uses the iPhone’s gyroscope to work out where the camera is pointing relative to its position in space.