Apple’s Newsstand Made $70,000 Per Day In February [Report]

In a report published by CNET, it appears that Apple apparently made more than $70,000 per day by selling the top 100 publications in Newsstand, Apple’s storefront for newspapers and magazines. Marketing research firm Distimo has claimed that major chunk of Apple’s Newsstand revenue came from News Corp.’s The Daily, followed by The New York Times and The New Yorker magazine, during the month of February.

Quoting from the source:

Just how much are people spending on digital editions of newspapers and magazines on Apple’s digital Newsstand app? In a study of Apple’s App Store for iPad during the month of February, market research firm Distimo says the top 100 publications brought in more than $70,000 a day.

However, Apple does not disclose what individual app makers and content providers earn on its store. The company doles out 70 percent of each sale to content creators, taking a 30 percent cut for itself.

Newsstand was introduced back in October 2011 with iOS 5, doubling as a storefront and an easy way for users to buy, view and manage their newspaper and magazine subscriptions all in one place.