Apple’s Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall May Testify In Retrial Over Samsung Damages


On November 12, Apple and Samsung are set to return to court for a retrial of their billion-dollar 2012 patent battle.

Apple won $1.05 billion in damages in that case, but due to errors made by the jury, Judge Lucy Koh later cut about $450 million from that award. The retrial in U.S. District Court in San Jose, again before Judge Lucy Koh, may restore some of the lost damages.

PCWorld reports, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller and former vice president of iOS software Scott Forstall may testify in an upcoming retrial for partial damages between Apple and Samsung.

Scot Forstall was ousted from Apple in late 2012 and has since been out of the public’s eye. Forstall’s departure followed the widely criticized launch of Apple Maps, which some said may have led to his firing.

Apple’s witness list also includes Susan Kare, who designed some of the icons for Apple’s original Macintosh in the 1980s.

The retrial will only cover the damages removed by Koh in the first case. Apple has been awarded $598.9 million for Samsung’s infringement of its patents in 14 Android products.

This case is just one of many around that world in which Apple and Samsung are fighting over software and hardware patents.