Asymco’s Horace Dediu Talks About Apple in Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Asymco’s Horace Dediu has shared what he’s expecting from Apple’s new product announcements and its current strategic trajectory. When asked about what he believes we will see from Apple before the holidays, he said “new iPhone, new iPads, new iPods, new Apple TV and possible new Macs as well”. He also said that an iWatch is very likely, though he’s not sure on the timing.

670px ipad iphones and magic mouse

Replying to a question related to the idea that Apple will launch two versions of ‘iPhone 6’, Dediu said that “a logical step for Apple” would be to introduce a new model this year to stand along the standard and mid-range models. He also expects that a new slot may be opened above the standard, perhaps “a more premium slot”. Dediu added that he isn’t sure if Apple will have the capacity to deploy sapphire on iPhone this year, though he said “it’s essential on a watch”.

Q: Is it fair to conclude now based on the 5C and 5S that Apple will never launch a “cheap iPhone”?

A: Oscar Wilde said a cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. When I see the word “cheap” I never know if it refers to price or value. And even when we talk about price, an iPhone is cheaper than buying all the things it replaces so it’s always been a low end disruptor in my mind. Furthermore, I think Apple holds a black belt in pricing. They seem to define their position in the market by anchoring certain prices and “owning” them. Given all that I would say that Apple is not going to move their price points much. They will expand the portfolio and offer some iPhones at $300 but they will be older models. 

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