Best Buy Orders 80,000 Power Chargers to Keep Up with Pokemon GO Demand

Pokemon GO is a worldwide phenomenon and it’s not only benefiting the game’s developer Niantic (estimated to have earned over $200 million in its first month), but a trickle-down effect is impacting portable battery pack sales, and retailers.

Best Buy Canada told The Globe and Mail Pokemon GO players are stocking up on portable chargers “in droves”, along with other sales of backpacks, cellphone accessories and more. Spokeswoman Christine Tam said “We heard the demand loud and clear that charging on the go is really key to playing the game.”

Pokemon best buy

Tam explained the demand for Pokemon GO related accessories such as chargers was evident when the company saw numerous questions about chargers from players on social media, in stores and their own experiences playing the game.

The result was the creation of the “Hunting Kit Hub” portal on their webpage, which targets Pokemon GO players with essential gear such as chargers, clothing, hats, plush characters, and even including iTunes gift cards for those looking to make in-app purchases. The company sold out of the Pokemon GO wearable device, as “the hype has been insane for them,” explains Tam.

Keeping up with power chargers meant Best Buy recently ordered 80,000 more units, to pad up existing inventory of 30,000 currently available from the company. Tam said “We are definitely committed to the Pokemon Go craze.”

Below is a recent video showing how Best Buy targeted Pokemon GO players with free Wi-Fi and battery packs, at select cities across Canada, even dropping lures like it’s hot:

One of the most popular portable chargers on right now is Aukey’s 12,000mAh Power Bank, available for $29.99. One reviewer stated “works like a charm. It’s the perfect item for Pokemon GO. Went out to the park and kept it plugged in for 5 hours straight. And the battery didn’t die.”

As for the U.S., according to data from the NPD Group, retailers saw a surge of sales increase by 101 per cent in mid-July, compared to the same period a year ago, due to Pokemon GO.

If you’re a Pokemon GO player–did you recently purchase a portable battery pack just for the game?