Beyoncé Shows Off Her Apple Watch with Exclusive Gold Link Bracelet [PIC]

First it was fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, now it’s Beyoncé flaunting an Apple Watch with a custom all-gold link bracelet. The musician’s website shares the image below of her wearing her Apple Watch (which looks worn backwards, but both orientations are available):

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(as for what’s on her head, we’re pretty sure that’s not from Apple)

Apple has an excellent working relationship with ‘Queen Bee’ as back in late 2013, she launched a new album exclusively on iTunes, in a surprise announcement, selling over 823,000 copies in three days.

Most likely she was given the custom Apple Watch by the company, as part of their marketing campaign for the watch. Jimmy Iovine used similar tactics to launch his original Beats headphones, providing free headsets to high profile celebrities, athletes and musicians to gain popularity and status for the brand.

Earlier today, the first Apple Watch preorders saw their status move from ‘processing’ to ‘preparing for shipment’, expected to arrive on Friday.

[via Daring Fireball, MacRumors]