Bloomberg: Apple In Talks to Acquire Hulu

Currently Apple TV has some of the best integration we’ve seen with Netflix, but the latest scoop via Bloomberg is Apple is in talks to buy Hulu, the popular TV streaming subscription service available in the US. Imagine if this was available worldwide for all 222 million iOS devices? That would be huge. Canada doesn’t get the service currently, but many here are crossing their fingers.

According to two people with knowledge of the auction:

Apple is in early talks that may lead to an acquisition offer for Los Angeles-based Hulu, said the people, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly.

Hulu is owned by Walt Disney, News Corp., and NBC Universal. Other companies in talks to buy Hulu include Google and Yahoo. Looks like this could be a game of keep away, but given Apple’s $76 billion in cash, I’m sure they won’t have any difficulty pulling the trigger.

Also, let’s not forget Steve Jobs is Disney’s largest shareholder, and his pull should bring in a connection to help Apple secure a deal over its competitors Google and Yahoo (thanks Craig for the reminder!).