CBC Beijing 2022 Olympics Coverage Saw Record Digital Viewing

Beijing 2022

According to the CBC, it says its Beijing 2022 coverage of the Olympic Winter Games saw record digital viewing in Canada.

The public broadcaster says 7 in 10 Canadians watched the Beijing 2022 games and audiences watched the CBC during the winter games more than any other network in Canada. Digital viewing also surpassed PyeongChang 2018.

During the 16 days of Olympic Winter Games coverage, the CBC saw the highest audience share of any network in the country, with 50% of viewers tuning in for over 100 minutes per night.

Streaming on CBC digital platforms was up 11% versus PyeongChang 2018, with 468 million minutes streamed. The Beijing 2022 Winter Games becomes the “most-streamed Games ever on CBC Gem” with viewing times up 19% versus Tokyo 2020.

Live viewing made up 64% of all video views, said the CBC. The CBC Sports TikTok account more than doubled its followers, while video views surged 160% versus Tokyo 2020, with over 20 million views.

“For the entirety of Beijing 2022, Canadians spent more time with CBC than any other network in Canada. Day after day, strong and sustained audiences peaking at well over a million tuned in, with half of all viewers spending more than 100 minutes watching each night,” said Chris Wilson, Executive Director, Sports and Olympics, CBC, in an issued statement

Peak audience numbers were 2.7 million during the Canada vs USA gold medal hockey game, making it the most-watched moment of Beijing 2022.

The CBC says its expanded Indigenous language coverage saw 226,850 video views, which also saw Team Canada hockey games offered in Inuktitut for the first time.