New ‘Chirp’ App Brings Twitter Back to Apple Watch

Last year, Twitter decided to pull the plug on the Apple Watch version of its app, citing the smartwatch as not an ideal platform for traditional mobile app use. Australian developer Will Bishop has however brought the popular social network back to the smartwatch with a new ‘Chirp’ app for Apple Watch, as reported by TechCrunch.


The developer, who has previously worked on a micro version of Reddit Apple Watch app called Nano, says he has always been interested in building apps for Apple’s handheld. “Seeing as so many people were disappointed when Twitter pulled their official app, it only made sense to at least try”, said Bishop. 

The Chirp app lets users interact with Twitter from their Apple Watch’s interface, such as browsing their timeline, catching up on trends, viewing people’s individual profiles, and favoriting and replying to tweets.

“A lot of people think using your watch for more than 30 seconds is ridiculous, but I figure if people want to use it, let them”, Bishop says of building Chirp.

In an updated released over the weekend, the app now also adds support for reading and replying to Direct Messages and using Twitter Lists. These features are available via Chirp’s paid tier, Chirp Pro, which is a pay-what-you-want upgrade starting at $1.99 and going up to $4.99 USD.

The pro version of Chirp also lets users post and reply to tweets, search for users and tweets, and view more than five trends. You can download the chirp iOS app and add it to your Apple Watch for free.