Wider Colour-Display Pebble Smartwatch Leaked [PIC]

leaked pebble colour

Earlier today, image of a wider color-screen smartwatch was leaked on Pebble’s website for a brief moment (above) and was picked up by 9to5Mac. While the image has now been removed from Pebble’s servers, it clearly shows a smartwatch with a larger bezel, as well as buttons that are smaller compared to its predecessor. 

Pebble’s Canadian CEO Eric Migicovsky said earlier this month that new products were coming this year, including a new software platform unlike what we’ve seen on smart watches so far. There have also been reports of a next-generation Pebble featuring a thinner design, a color e-paper-like display, and a revamped OS. 

“The watch is going to be thinner than the current generation, but you can’t really see that based on this image alone. And while the new device will have a color display and a slimmer hardware profile, it’s said to have battery life that compares to the first generation Pebble. On the inside, the next Pebble is going to have a Cortex M4 processor and a 6-axis gyroscope”.

Recently, Pebble has also added a countdown timer to its website, teasing a major announcement timed for tomorrow. Meanwhile, company’s Twitter account has been retweeting customer tweets to add to the cryptic nature of what could be coming. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.