Costco’s Website is Down in Canada, It’s Not Just You

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If you’ve been trying to peruse or even shop on, good luck with that because the wholesaler’s website has been down for the count this morning.

Trying to access Costco Canada’s website results in the message, “we need just a moment…” and “there are lots of shoppers on our site right now.”

“Thank you for your patience. We will automatically take you back to the page you were on as soon as possible. Please understand that while your place in line will be held, product availability cannot be guaranteed,” says the message.

But in reality, the website will not take you into the site as we’ve been trying for the past couple of hours. We’re super low on toilet paper at the moment.

“If you refresh this page or use the back button you will lose your place in line,” says Costco Canada.

Last fall, during Black Friday sales, Costco Canada’s website went down, causing many to miss out on an iPad sale.

The website hopefully should be back online soon. Stay tuned for updates.