Court Issues Temporary Injunction Against Uber in Calgary


On Friday, a court issued a temporary injunction which stops drivers in Calgary from offering paid rides using the Uber app.

The injunction, which will be place until a hearing on December 17, was issued by Justice G. H. Poelman of Court of Queen’s Bench. At that time, the city of Calgary will attempted to have the injunction made permanent to stop drivers from providing taxi services from a ride-sharing app until safety regulations are put in place.

The injunction was issued after evidence showed that drivers using the Uber app were breaching the city’s bylaw.

“The justice said the injunction would extend to the 57 drivers named in Calgary’s application as offering rides using Uber as well as to all other people operating as an Uber driver in Calgary.”

In a statement, City lawyer Colleen Sinclair said:

“This is recognition that private for-hire vehicles operating under the Uber umbrella are breaching the city’s bylaw and they have been ordered to stop. This pulls a number of vehicles that are not appropriately insured, licensed or inspected off the road and prevents them from offering a potentially unsafe service.”

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[via TheStar]