DisplayMate Says Galaxy Note 8 Has the Best Smartphone Display

A few months ago, DisplayMate released its report on the display found on the Samsung Galaxy S8. The report declared that the Galaxy S8 had the best display ever created for a smartphone.

The research firm got a hold of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and not only has the display surpassed the Galaxy S8, it has the first ever A+ rating for a smartphone.

One of the most noticeable improvements on the Note 8’s 6.3-inch display is that its brightness can be set up to 22 percent higher than that on the Galaxy S8. The report notes that this allows owners to have the best brightness levels in any setting.

DisplayMate says the Note 8 also has a larger native colour gamut compared to the Galaxy S8, for better colours when the phone is in a high ambient light setting. The research firm also noted that the colour accuracy and viewing angle have been improved.

DisplayMate goes in-depth with every aspect of the Note 8’s display, and it’s worth reading for anyone interested in display technology.