iPhone 7 Plus Camera Dubbed “Next Level” by DPReview

Photography experts over at Digital Photography Review (DPReview) have just published their extensive review of the iPhone 7 Plus camera, saying that although dual-cams on smartphones have been around for a while, Apple has taken the technology to the next level. “The Apple system is definitely a step in the right direction and a lot of fun to use”, says the review, adding that iPhone 7 Plus dual camera is the first to provide “real added value”.


Below are a few excerpts from the review:

The headline feature is the new dual-cam, though. Apple is a little late to the dual-cam game but, thanks to a secondary lens with longer 56mm equiv. lens, it’s arguably the option that currently provides most added value to the user.  […] the iPhone 7 Plus is by far the best smartphone for zooming, as long as your scene is bright enough for the tele-camera to achieve a decent exposure.

Raw-capture and manual control are not available in the stock camera but those features can be acquired, along with an abundance of others, via the excellent selection of third-party imaging apps in the Apple App Store.

In bright light the 56mm lens delivers very similar image quality to the wide-angle. However, as soon as the light gets dimmer, the slower aperture and lack of optical image stabilization mean that higher ISOs have to be used, resulting in increased image noise and noticeably reduced levels of detail. […] On the plus side, the longer lens offers much better resolution and detail than digital zoom when you can’t get near enough to your subjects and also a more pleasant angle of view for most types of people photography.

Video-shooters will love the iPhone’s excellent video stabilization on both lenses and the very stable video-AF in all light conditions.

To check out the full review and sample images, hit up this link.