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Evomail+ Launches Bringing New Features, iOS 7 Compatibility

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Evomail is a modern email client done right. The team believes traditional email is not broken, but it needs to keep up with the rate of change of the Internet. Evomail+ has launched with new features and has been redesigned for iOS 7. Evomail first launched in the spring of 2013 for the iPhone and iPad.

Jonathan George, CEO and co-founder of Evomail, said:

“With Evomail+, we’re bringing an incredible new platform to the table to continue building upon.”


Evomail is not the only company trying to modernize email, Mailbox is another great example of an app trying to reinvent how we interact with our email. Here are a list of some great features included in Evomail:

Be Nimbler: Our new One Button feature allows us not to clutter navigation by putting all of your functionality needs, like replying and forwarding, within one central button.

Serve Greater: With our proprietary server solution, every user gets a better Evomail experience. From tremendous bug reduction to improved push notifications, EvoCloud makes Evomail what it’s supposed to be.

Personalize More: With customizable gestures, you decide what each swipe means. Within settings, toggle to use left or right swipes for mark as read, snooze, archive, delete, or label.

Triage Quicker: Swift access to archive, trash, and labels gives you the ability to quickly triage your email throughout the day as it comes in, instead of having to wait until you’re back at your desktop.

Connect Smarter: Need to share a presentation with someone? Easily attach files from Dropbox or!

Read Later: Snooze your emails with just two taps! Prefer to keep an Inbox Zero before an early weekend? Just snooze the messages until a later date and they’ll return on time to your inbox.

Search Easier: In the car and forgot to write down an address? Use Evomail’s built-in full-access Gmail search to quickly find all of your new and archived Gmail messages.

Know Sooner: Never miss a new message with Evomail’s built-in push notifications.

Evomail+ is available as a free download from the App Store.

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