Facebook Testing New Multilingual Composer

Facebook is testing a new multilingual composer, a feature that allows users to write a single post in multiple language. The feature was pushed out earlier this year to Page authors, according to Engadget. It is reporting that Facebook is testing this feature widely across all users.


As detailed by Engadget, Facebook will ask you whether you want to post in multiple languages. After you click it, you can choose the target language from a drop-down list. After that it will fill out separate messages in the targeted language and if don’t like the machine translated text you can edit it, which will obviously help the Facebook machine translation to get better over time.

Your friends will see the post in the language of their preference, which is not determined only by their settings, but their country they are living in and by a Language Identification process that figures out which what language is most commonly used in their posts.

The feature isn’t available to everyone, at least not yet. Currently is in testing right now, so Facebook is ironing out the remaining issues.