Facebook Adds New Ways to Celebrate Special Moments

Facebook has today introduced two new ways for people to relive meaningful memories and celebrate special moments. First is a new way for users to experience and share their recent memories in a delightful way, while second is a new way to celebrate the actions that connect users with their communities on the social network.

Recap seasonal and monthly

The new “Memories Recap” feature will bundle your recent memories into a monthly or seasonal memory recap story. Like On This Day, these memory recap stories will show up in News Feed and are shareable. In addition, there are now two new types of moments where you may see these celebratory messages – when you make a notable number of friends on Facebook, and when your friends have liked your posts. 

We’ve received input from people over the past two years and have worked to improve On This Day, such as making controls and preferences easier to access. On This Day is one of Facebook’s most popular experiences and we’re excited that this feature is now available to everyone on Facebook.

Finally, we know that occasionally there are some memories that may spark negative feelings that you would rather avoid. We’ve invested a lot in developing ways to filter content that will select photos we believe may be the most relevant and enjoyable to you.

Facebook says it is planning to launch more messages in the next few months. Additionally, these messages are currently only shown to you, but will become sharable in the near future.