Facebook Introduces Revamped ‘Pages’ Experience for Creators and Public Figures

Facebook Wednesday introduced a revamped experience for the Pages of creators, public figures, and subject matter experts on its platform.

On Wednesday, Facebook started rolling out a cleaner design for Pages to make it easier for people to switch between their personal Facebook profile and their public Page.

The social network also said users will be able to find important information such as a Page’s bio and posts more quickly with the redesign. The company is getting rid of the amount of total “likes” a Page receives, opting instead to only display the number of followers.

The social network said the changes were implemented to make it easier for those people or organizations to build up their communities and achieve their business objectives, adding that it intends to roll out the new experience for all pages in the coming months.

The new streamlined layout for those pages will make it easier for people to see the page biography, posts and other important information, while providing a clearer distinction for the page owners and administrators between their personal profiles and the public page.

The social network said it improved its ability to detect and filter hate speech comments; impersonator accounts; phishing; and sexual, spammy and violent content, and it is developing additional moderation capabilities.

Finally, Facebook said comments from verified pages on public posts from other pages will appear higher in the comments section and be visible in News Feed.

Facebook has been adding more features to Pages, including the ability to share videos and photos that vanish with 24 hours, as it competes with rivals such as short-form video app TikTok and messaging app Snapchat. Additional tools, though, can also make the social network appear cluttered so it’s no surprise that Facebook has been redesigning the social network.