Fleksy Keyboard SDK Now Available to all iOS Developers

Fleksy announced a private beta of its SDK for iOS in December, allowing select developers to insert the predictive-text input keyboard into their own iOS apps. Today, the company has made its iOS development toolkit available for free to all, encouraging more app developers to incorporate Fleksy as an alternative keyboard within their apps, MacRumors reports.


Fleksy’s alternative keyboard offers automated word suggestions while the user types to help improve typing speed. It is already quite popular on Android, but since Apple doesn’t allow systemwide replacement of the default keyboard, its growth has been restricted on iOS. As a result, keyboard developers, including Fleksy and SwiftKey, are releasing SDKs that will let other iOS app developers to add support for their keyboards on an app-by-app basis.

With its latest update, the Fleksy SDK is now completely free of charge, requires no sign up and allows any developer to implement it in minutes, with zero lines of code and without having to make any changes to their app at all. Switching between Fleksy and the iOS keyboard is also completely streamlined.

The company has said that since its keyboard SDK is now free for all users and developers, hundreds of developers have already inquired about bringing it to their apps.