Flipboard Adds Committed Video Tab To Content Sidebar

Nearly two years later, Flipboard has over 20 million users generating 3 billion flips each month. The digital-magazine may be considered the most popular in the world, with nearly 1.5 million active members each day. With Flipboard active throughout nearly 200 different countries, Canada was noted the fifth most active country.

Throughout the past two years, Flipboard has mainly remained a text-only digital-magazine. Every once in awhile I have seen a Youtube video appear, but rarely.

Earlier today PaidContent pointed out that Flipboard is finally showing signs of adding committed video sections to the “content” tab section of the application. They label them “TV” channels and actually have a plethora to choose from. They are based from popular Youtube channels, I am noticing ESPN TV, Epic Meal Time, Fail Blog, and many more.

You can give any of these Flipboard pages a test run, just tap on the name and you will notice the typical Flipboard layout, only this time containing solely videos. To add the content page to your news feed, simply tap the add button at the top of the page.

As I said previously, videos are nothing new to Flipboard, but the dedicated content-tab with hundreds of selections is. If you are having a hard time finding content to add, use the search bar to add your favorite Youtuber. I couldn’t find my favorite prankster Edbassmaster, so I made a quick search and added his channel to my feed.

Oh, and don’t forget to add iPhoneinCanada to your feed while you’re at it.

Do you think video will fit in with Flipboard as they’ve been primarily a text-based magazine for years?