Consumer Reports: Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Looks “Like an iPhone”, S5 Better Pick [VIDEO]

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Consumer Reports has released a new video detailing how the Samsung Galaxy S6 fares worse than its predecessor in their ratings, due to lack of removable battery, non-existent memory slot and lack of water resistance (features the S5 has). Battery life also fared better on the Galaxy S5, which remains their top pick ahead of the S6. The organization also said the Galaxy S6 design features “look like an iPhone”, echoing what many reviewers have previously stated:

Last week, Consumer Reports released their smartwatch testing results, to conclude the Apple Watch as their top pick, with an overall rating of 71, while Samsung’s Gear S watch received a score of 59.

Recently, Samsung released a video detailing the design process of the Galaxy S6 Edge, narrated by someone with a British accent:

…here’s what it sounds like, with a voiceover from Apple’s design chief Jony Ive instead: