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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 Drop Test [VIDEO]

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Apple product destroyer on YouTube, TechRax, has posted a video demonstrating a drop test between Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 in Midnight Black and Apple’s iPhone 7 in (PRODUCT)RED.

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The YouTube performs casual 5-foot side drop tests and also front-facing drop tests. Each phone survives the 5-foot drop test but when it comes to the front-facing test, the iPhone 7 ends up with a smash screen, unlike the Galaxy S8 (which didn’t actually land on its face, so…).

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Again, these tests aren’t scientific by any means, but demos what happens if you’re going to casually drop your expensive phones that aren’t in cases (#becausepageviews).

Let’s stay tuned and see what SquareTrade’s updated torture tests will note for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Earlier, it was noted in battery tests the Galaxy S8+ still could not beat the iPhone 7 Plus.

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