Google Reported to be Developing its Own AirTag Tracker, Codenamed Grogu

Google is reported to be working on its own location-tracking device, similar to Apple’s AirTags. Based on leaked info, from The Verge, the tracker is codenamed ‘Grogu’ named after the fan-favourite character from LucasFilm’s The Mandalorian.

The information regarding Google’s tracker comes from developer and leaker Kuba Wojciechowski. The leaker goes on to claim that there have been references made to an unannounced first-party tracking device from Google. These references were apparently discovered in the company’s Fast Pair system, which enables users to quickly pair Bluetooth devices.

Wojciechowski goes on to state that alternative names to ‘Grogu’ are ‘groguaudio’ and ‘GR10’. The team behind the new product is the same as those working on Nest device. However, it’s unknown if it’ll launch as a Nest product.

Similar to Apple’s AirTag, Wojciechowski believes this tracker can be used to help users find their missing items. Additionally, the tracker may include an onboard speaker system to help users locate their item by emitting a sound.

As with contemporary iPhones, Google’s Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro support Ultra Wideband (UWB). Wojciechowski claims the tracker may support UWB on top of Bluetooth connectivity. The use of UWB would create a scenario where users could more accurately track and locate their items over Bluetooth LE.

Google’s trackers may also come in a variety of colour options. However, Wojciechowski does not know any specifics on the matter at this time.

As for a timeframe of when we’ll be able to see this product, Wojciechowski assumes Google may reveal it during its I/O presentation this year. Google I/O Developer Conference is likely to be held sometime during May. A launch is then expected to land this fall alongside this year’s new Pixel devices.