Google Announces Open Automotive Alliance, Brings Android into Connected Cars


It has been previously reported that Google has plans to move Androids into cars. In 2007, Google launched Android, and became one of the first groups to bring together a group of interested mobile players under the Open Handset Alliance. Today, Google has announced the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) to attempt to persuade car makers to join.

Some well known car manufacturers, like Audi, GM, Honda, and Hyundai, have already joined the OAA. The OAA has been describe as “a global alliance of technology and auto industry leaders committed to bringing the Android platform to cars starting in 2014.

Senior Google VP Sundar Pichai said:

“Millions of people are already familiar with Android and use it every day. The expansion of the Android platform into automotive will allow our industry partners to more easily integrate mobile technology into cars and offer drivers a familiar, seamless experience so they can focus on the road.”

CES is looking like a big event especially for the automotive industry. GM said it has plans to integrate Android into its next generation of OnStar, which will also include the option for 4G LTE from AT&T. Audi is also expected to announce more details later today in their CES keynote.

[via Recode]