Google Translate App’s Offline Translation Now Supports 59 Languages

In an official blog post, Google has today announced that the offline translation feature in its Google Translate app for iOS and Android devices now supports 59 languages. Moreover, the company says it has improved the accuracy of its offline translation feature by 12%.


Google notes that its offline translation feature now offers improved word choice, grammar, and sentence structure. In some languages like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Polish, and Hindi, the quality of offline translation has been improved by more than 20%, says Google.

In cases where it’s particularly hard to pronounce and spell words in languages that are written in a script you’re not familiar with, Google Translate offers transliteration which gives an equivalent spelling in the alphabet you’re used to:

For example, when you translate “hello” to Hindi, you will see “??????” and “namaste” in the translation card where “namaste” is the transliteration of “??????.” This is a great tool for learning how to communicate in a different language, and Translate has offline transliteration support for 10 new languages: Arabic, Bengali, Gujrati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

You can try the improved offline translation and transliteration features now by downloading the latest version of Google Translate from the App Store.