Huawei CFO Had iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air Seized During Vancouver Arrest

Back in December, when Canadian authorities arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou at Vancouver International Airport, the executive was carrying more Apple devices than those made by her own company.

The arrest resulted in the seizure of an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air belonging to Meng, along with one Huawei phone, two SIM cards and a flash drive.

Apple touts its iPhone and iOS ecosystem as one of the most secure and private on the planet, and Meng’s devices appear to suggest she similarly believed the same, to hold her data private from third parties and governments.

Now, according to Global News, B.C. Supreme Court Judge Heather Holmes has directed the RCMP to hand over copies of the data from Meng’s seven devices she had during her Vancouver arrest:

Two sealed copies of the data are to be transferred onto devices provided by the RCMP, which must keep them in a secure exhibit locker until they are provided to the court, along with the seized electronics.

The court order details, “The seized devices and the RCMP copy and the RCMP backup shall not otherwise be unsealed or accessed without a further order of this court,” noted the National Post.

The United States is currently seeking the extradition of Meng on charges of fraud.

Meng remains on bail in Vancouver, with residence at one of her two multimillion-dollar mansions in the city.

Huawei has shot back and is currently suing the Canadian government, the RCMP and our border services for her ‘false imprisonment.’ The Chinese company also is suing the U.S. government over the latter’s ‘unconstitutional’ equipment ban.

The Huawei CFO’s arrest has resulted in a diplomatic crisis between Canada and China, with the latter detaining two Canadians, while also banning imports of Canadian canola oil.