Various Apple iCloud Services are Suffering from “Issues” [u]

Icloud issues

According to Apple’s System Status page, various iCloud services are dealing with “issues” right now.

iCloud services such as Documents in the Cloud, Find my Friends, Find my iPhone, iCloud Account & Sign In, iCloud Backup and more are all dealing with outages and or intermittent problems.

Apple says some users “may be unable to access this service” for features highlighted in yellow.

Yesterday it was Facebook’s day of outages for their popular apps—which were blamed on a “server configuration change”—and today it appears Apple is dealing with their own cloud services issue, with many starting since this morning around 8AM PST.

Are you dealing with any iCloud services outages right now?

Update 2:21 PM PDT: As of this time, everything is back online and working for iCloud services.