iOS 11.2 Beta for iPhone X Isn’t Out Yet, Beta Testers Can’t Restore from Backup

With the launch of iPhone X today, many are excited to restore their iPhones from backup on their expensive and shiny iPhone.

But if you’re a public beta tester on iOS 11.2, be warned, because a download for iOS 11.2 public beta isn’t available yet. iPhone in Canada reader Xiaohan found out the hard way, and wasn’t able to restore from backup on his iPhone X, as existing iCloud backup isn’t compatible on the newest device.

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In order to get around the situation, he had to restore his device down to iOS 11.1 and create a backup, then restore from this iOS 11.1 backup on his iPhone X.

iOS 11.2 and tvOS 11.2 public betas were released earlier this week on Wednesday.

This may be a blessing in disguise, as another option is to setup your iPhone X as a new phone, purging old apps and contacts, essentially starting new. But of course this situation isn’t for everyone.

No word on when Apple will release a iOS 11.2 public beta, but one would expect it to arrive soon, considering today’s iPhone X launch, which saw many Canadians lining up outside Apple Stores.