iOS 12 Confirms Face ID Coming to iPad Pro with Thinner Bezels, No Home Button

With rumours the next iPad Pro refresh could include Face ID, the removal of the Home button, and thinner bezels, new code within iOS 12 appears to have confirmed the inevitable coming this fall.

According to developer and code sleuth Guilherme Rambo, he writes on 9to5Mac to say:

A new asset found in iOS 12 developer beta 5 seemingly confirms a new bezel-less iPad for the fall. The asset is part of the battery usage UI and it shows an iPad with no home button and thinner bezels.

Check out the asset image below, as it’s quite convincing, with the icon on the right completely different than the one found in iOS 11:


As for a ‘notch’ on new iPad Pro models like we all know too well from the iPhone X, there appears to be lack of evidence the new tablets will include the cut out, as the bezels on iPad may have enough room to house Face ID components.

Another discovery by Rambo is the confirmation of Face ID in this year’s iPad Pro models, as he writes on Twitter, “This method in AccessibilitySettings confirms Face ID on the new iPad Pro (J3xx).”

Face id ipad pro

Last year, Apple’s HomePod firmware leak prematurely revealed the existence of an infra-red face unlock, which we know today as Face ID, along with a bezel-less form factor and the ‘notch’, currently features on the iPhone X.

Are you ready to buy an iPad with Face ID?