iOS 14.3 Beta 2 Allows Custom Icons to Skip Shortcuts App

The second developer beta of iOS 14.3 has introduced a major update to the Shortcuts app that makes creating custom icons for your home screen even better.

When iOS 14 released to the public back in September, users began creating custom icons and customizing their iPhone home screen with custom widgets.

The major downside to using custom icons is that, currently, tapping on one launches the Shortcuts app before it takes you to the app you actually want to get to. It’s a small hiccup, but it does make the experience feel less premium and more of a hack.

With iOS 14.3, however, Apple changes that. As of the 14.3 beta 2, when you tap on a bookmark created with Shortcuts, it jumps you right to the app while showing a less-annoying banner notification to let you know that your shortcut worked, explains a new report from 9to5Mac. It’s faster and more seamless all around.

Of course, it’s worth noting that this is a change in prerelease software. So while Apple is obviously working on it, and it appears to work quite well, there’s no guarantee it will remain for the final release of iOS 14.3 later this year.