iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro Mode Comes to Older iPhones with Latest Halide Update

Halide, an award-winning iPhone photography app, has just rolled out a major update that brings the iPhone 13’s Macro Mode to older iPhones. Users of the iPhone 8 or newer can activate the Macro Mode using the updated app.

Macro crown 2048x1536

While the “official” macro mode on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max uses the new ultra-wide lens to make the ultra-close up photography possible, the Halide app is using Apple’s Neural Engine for “AI-based detail enhancement” to squeeze extra detail out of the close-up shot.

Halide’s Ben Sandofsky has detailed the app’s Macro Mode with some great examples in a lengthy blog post

Macro Mode is easily accessed. As opposed to the built-in camera, we decided to really make Macro photography a deliberate ‘mode.’ While the ultra-wide camera in Halide will still automatically focus on very close subjects if you desire, we believe that taking macro photos is best done in a mode that supports a particular style of photography.

Visit this link to learn in detail how the feature works.