iPhone 5 and Siri Land on Facebook’s 2012 Trends List for Technology

Facebook’s Year in Review for 2012 has been published and it takes a look back at the most popular trends and events this past year. In the Technology category, two Apple-related items made the list–the iPhone 5 and Siri. The former was fifth on the list, while the latter was ninth. Instagram, originally an iOS-only app topped the list.


  1. Instagram
  2. Timeline
  3. Pinterest
  4. Draw Something
  5. iPhone 5
  6. Kindle Fire
  7. SOPA
  8. News Feed
  9. Siri
  10. SongPop
facebook trends technology

Surprisingly, there is no mention of any Android smartphones or tablets, aside from the Kindle Fire. What does that mean? Are Facebook users duds?

As for Facebook trends in Canada? The most talked about item? The Hunger Games. Yeah, we’re awesome like that.

facebook canada trends

Yesterday it was noted the iPhone 5 topped TIME magazine’s Top 10 gadgets of 2012 list.