Apple’s iPhone 6 Approved for Sale in China, Network License Granted

Apple’s iPhone 6 has been granted the critical network license in China to allow sales to commence soon, according to Reuters.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website notes during its review of the iPhone 6, had concerns regarding iOS and how it handled personal data and privacy matters, with concerns over ‘back doors’.

Apple submitted its response to these concerns and reassured the Ministry it has never worked with any government agency from any country and never will, noting iOS 8 has added security measures in place to protect personal privacy.

The approval of Apple’s iPhone 6 network license in China corroborates an earlier sources speaking with the New York Times the final approval would take place before October 1.

China is one of Apple’s fastest growing and important markets. The world’s most populous nation missed out on the initial iPhone 6 launch, which resulted in scalpers scouring Apple retail stores worldwide in order to smuggle inventory into the mainland.