Apple Posts Detailed Phone 6 Design Schematics for Case Makers [PICS]

Apple has posted to its Developer Center page under Resources to include an updated Case Design Guidelines for Apple Devices document, which now includes the full schematics for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These details provide case makers the necessary information to produce cases that fit new iOS devices and ensure they function properly.

According to Apple’s document, here’s what a well-designed case should entail:

A well-designed case will securely house an Apple device while not interfering with the device’s operation. Significant factors in mechanical design include access to the device’s sensors, controls, and connectors.

You can check out the highly detailed schematics for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus below:

Screenshot 2014 09 12 22 45 48

Screenshot 2014 09 12 22 46 03

You may recall earlier this year one of the clearest iPhone 6 leaks came from Japanese site MacFan, which posted some schematics which looked to be loosely based on the ones seen above. The leaked schematics noted a 4.7-inch device with dimensions of 137mm x 66mm x 7mm, and a 5.7-inch device at 157mm x 77mm x 6.7mm.

How close were these specs to Apple’s schematics posted above? Here are the official measurements:

  • iPhone 6: 138.14mm x 66.97mm x 6.85mm
  • iPhone 6 Plus: 158.07mm x 77.79mm x 6.85mm
I’d say those leaked schematics from MacFan were pretty darn accurate. Looking back now, you also see a protruding camera ring on the 5.7-inch drawing, which makes sense today.

As for the protruding external camera ring (that we all love now)? It sticks out 0.77mm on the iPhone 6 and 0.67mm on the iPhone 6 Plus.

These design schematics are dated June 23, 2014 and the dimensions are provided in millimetres.

Last year, Apple posted iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c design schematics six days after they were announced, while this year, iPhone 6 schematics were posted just two days after Tuesday’s media event.