Apple Says iPhone 6S Battery Fires in China Caused By ‘External Damage’

According to a report from Reuters, Apple has commented down on the event of iPhone battery fires that were reported in a Chinese consumer protection report that caught instant media attention and social media buzz altogether. Apple stated that, after testing, it has discovered that the fires were due to external damage.


On Friday of last week, the Shanghai Consumer Council published a report detailing battery fires in eight iPhone 6S handsets. It also specified iPhone 6 handsets powering down sooner than their batteries drain out. These handsets are not included in a global iPhone 6 recall range that Apple made known on November 20 to address the issue.

According to Apple, the iPhone 6S shutdown issue was primarily caused due to controlled ambient air exposure during the manufacturing process. This has caused the battery to degrade quickly than a traditional normal battery.

Going forward, Apple is planning to introduce a diagnostic tool in an iOS update. The upcoming tool will not only gather information but also be able to manage the performance levels of the battery to a great extent. This will prevent unnecessary shutdowns.

Apple will most likely integrate the updated diagnostics capabilities with iOS 10.2. Nowadays, Apple is giving wide attention to matters reported in China. This is because the Chinese market is bigger than the United States and Europe. Moreover, Apple CEO Tim Cook often visits Beijing to monitor sales and support related activities.