iPhone 6s Plus Undergoes First Bend Test [VIDEO]

Last year we saw Unbox Therapy’s iPhone 6 Plus ‘bend test’ video light a firestorm with “bend gate”. This time around, Apple reinforced their new iPhone 6s models with 7000 series aluminum, found within Apple Watch Sport models.

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YouTube channel FoneFox down in New Zealand has now put their Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus to a bend test, and were unable to bend the phone to the point where it breaks. While the phone did slightly bend, it did require “a lot of pressure” to achieve, by two people.

Check it out below:

While the test was not exactly performed in a controlled environment, it does look like the iPhone 6s Plus seems stronger than last year’s iPhone 6 Plus. Time to wait and see what other controlled tests will reveal.

Earlier this evening, we saw iPhone 6s models undergo first drop tests down in Australia.